Alexander, Brass

Regular price $325.00

This Alexander crown set features a set of 1/2 brass crown bases accented with double-layer brass and Nickle St. Olga crosses (I used to use Silver in lieu of Nickle, but based on customer feedback, nickle is a better, more durable material for this purpose). 

The crown blessing has been engraved around the exterior of the crown in Monotype Corsiva. And all the engraved text and cross designs have been oxidized to help add some additional depth to the details.

The crosses stand about 1.5" tall. I make these crosses myself, so some slight handmade variations may be possible.

I've made these crowns to my standard size of just over 7" diameter, round crowns.

Price listed is for the set of 2 crowns.

Made upon demand.  Please allow for about 3 business days for me to get your set made, once the order comes in.

Also, be sure to email me the names of the Bride and Groom so this can be fully customized (no additional cost).  

This crown set IS a good candidate for the added interior engraving add-on feature.