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Musical Crowns!

Interestingly, the St. Herman crowns have been very popular these last few weeks.  However, I have had to switch out the design on the St. Herman crowns due to material availability.   

The effects of COVID and its numerous shut-downs over this past year have made it increasingly difficult to get some of the specialty materials back in stock.  Frankly, I feel like the need to brainstorm alternative patterns creates better products.  

I really like the new version of the St. Herman crowns, and the St. Anastasia crowns that have come out of this needed adaptation.  Thanks for...

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Not Crowns, but still round

OK, so I'm still dabbling in Prosphora seals.  So much so, that I have actually been registering some associated domain names and will soon be launching a separate site/business for all of that.  I will still be listing the seals here on this site (In Accessories for now.  Maybe we'll make a separate menu tab for bread seals?)...and doing most of my talking about them over here...

The other websites are just going to be static information-style pages, with links to my Amazon and Etsy stores for purchasing.  That's most economical approach, and frankly, the most maintenance free approach, at...

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Cold but Happy

Good Morning!  I had to share this today:  On such a cold winter day, I still get to ship out crowns that remind me of my plants and the warm summer sun.  That made me really happy today.  


I just have one more Grapevine set left until the the vines start growing again this Spring.  I'll have to plan better for next year's batch!

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A note on shipping...

USPS Is still very back-logged.  Domestic customer from 2 and 3 weeks ago are still waiting on packages.  I typically really, really like sticking with USPS for all my shipping.  However, If you are needing crowns, trays, or seals to arrive within a more reliable time frame, please opt for UPS Ground or express services. 

The shipping delay isn't happening everywhere.  And again, I do like the convenience of USPS...but if you really need an item by a certain date, select UPS during check out.   At least for the next few weeks.   Thanks for understanding.

Here are some pretty crowns...

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