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It's the tube....

Figured out that it's gotta be the Laser Tube going out. I won't bore you with the details. 

Suffice it to say that I'm not quite ready to replace the tube yet, though, because:

1) It still cuts acrylic just fine...
2) I'm already having a hard time getting a resupply of trays, and I don't mind just needing to take a break from those for the fall, because
3) there is so much other stuff going on right now (mostly good), that I'm at peace with having to cut-back on work in this area.


Thanks for understanding!  Love, Ann


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Tricky Day

Today hasn't gone at all as I had hoped.  The personal life annoyances are one thing, but what has truly got me stress-eating the cookies my daughter set aside for herself (I'm gonna hear it tomorrow!), is--of all things--lasering metal trays.  This has NOT been a good laser day.  I have ruined so many trays today, it would make your eyes water if you knew how many.

I'm completely out of brass trays.  Can't' get more.  They've always been hard to get.  My success rate with the silver trays isn't that much better right now.  I didn't get any other...

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Back to Normal

Thanks for your patience last week while I "unplugged" for a while.  I needed it....and it took several days to get to the point where I was stressing and feeling sick over not being here.  But relaxation took hold...and that helps :)  I fee refreshed and am so ready for the Fall season.   

I have high hopes of getting caught up within this week.  I'll preface that by saying it's the last week of Summer break for the kids. ....and there some 'back to school" stuff starting up.  My big-bad 3rd and 5th graders, and my PTA Treasurer duties...

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July 17th-25th --No Shipping

Things have been running smoothly around here this summer.  It's been quite busy keeping up with orders, but it's been a lot of fun.  I have a lot of ideas of new things, variations, layouts, etc...  But First things first:  I would like to take a week off for my own Summer Vacation.  No shipping between July 17 -25th.

If you place your order late in the week next week (like the 15th and 16th), there is a chance your order will not ship until the 26th. 

Please plan accordingly.  

Thanks so much for understanding!!

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