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Prosphora Bread Seals

A project idea for our Church School led to a fun conversation with my Priest and Deacon.  ....which has now led to me testing some Prosphora bread seal ideas.  I created the design.  (Painstaking! but satisfying!).  We're now in the testing process.  There may be a new page to add to the site in a few weeks....  wouldn't it be cool to have a custom bread seal?   Great gift idea.....  Just wait until you see what I've got in mind...

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VOTE ring / buy button

Testing out the "Buy Button" feature --where you can add something to your cart from a blog post, or social media post.  Let's see if this works.  Testing it on the new VOTE ring.

Edited:  Nope, didn't work.  Going to have to call in my husband AKA tech support :)


until then, here are pix of the ring...and they are for sale on the accessory page.  and also over on Etsy :)


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A Rainbow of Rings

Don't worry, I have a ring with a crown motif lined up....just want to get started with the basics:  Diamond rings.

Why not?!  

These stackable rings have been an off-and-on obsession with me over the past year.  I've posted a few of them here and there.  Making them has been a wonderful creative outlet during times of frustration.  Currently, I have to admit, I'm pretty interested in the diversity it offers to my product lines.   

While COVID-19 still threatens, weddings are down.  I want...

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New thing: Oopsie Trays

 I make mistakes.  Sometimes a lot of mistakes! 

Some mistakes are somewhat minor, and the product is still OK, even if it's not perfect. 

I don't want the product to get wasted....So, I'm trying a new thing here: I'm going to list my Oopsie trays on the tray page.  There are two listed. 



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