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February Shut-down......

Hello!  I find myself still in the role of teacher for my son's class.  It's a strange situation, but I will say that it is growing on me. However, the hours are brutal. I don't have nearly as much time for my family, let alone the crown business....even with it cut back as much as it is at the moment.  

My kid's education is the priority here.  I need to take a break from crowns.  I can't handle both jobs at the moment.   There just aren't enough hours in the day.   

I do not know if this will be...

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Crown Selection Change

This is important:  I need to take some crowns out of the inventory line-up for a little bit.  Additionally, I need to remove the custom engraving options (Name + date stuff).


Well, I am actually playing the part of a 5th grade teacher during the daytime right now.  The combination of my son's teacher needing to take an extended leave of absence + a teacher/substitute teacher shortage left my son's class in a really bad situation.  So, before I could talk myself out of it, I applied for an Emergency Teaching Permit and starting teaching.  

I have been filling...

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Back to Normal!

Hello!  It's Sunday Night.  Fall break is now at an end.  Let normality resume!

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2 things about shipping

1) Just a reminder that, due to travel, I will not be shipping anything from Thursday Oct 14th until the following week.  I will start shipping again on Monday the 25th. 

2) Have you seen the news stories about USPS increasing rates (And transit times)?  Well, my, my, my, they have REALLY raised rates.  Not only that, but the other carriers are following suit.  I am getting some real sticker shock in shipping orders. at the moment.  My shipping costs have literally double this week.  I may need to start charging for shipping again.  Let me see what I can...

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