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updating pictures

In the process of updating some pictures this evening....shoot an email to me if you ever come across a set that needs additional pictures!

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New sets!

Good Morning! 

It's been a very busy few weeks around here--it's so wonderful to hear from some many couples!    FYI, I'm about maxed out on what I can get out the door this week.  For any other incoming orders, please just assume they will ship next week.   

I also have several new designs that I will be getting posted soon.

I'm trying to stay focused on work, but this week(end) is a big one.  I am the director for our Church School--and Saturday we are having a Vacation Church School running all day.  Then Sunday is...

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Happy Holy Week!

Or rather, Blessed Holy Week?  

Ya, I said "Happy Palm Sunday" to my priest yesterday and I was correct to "Blessed Palm Sunday".  Oops.  

Anyway.  we're here.  I'm working today, tomorrow and Wednesday. 

Thursday and Friday are devoted to Church School and Church activities. I know that some other Orthodox-based businesses take Bright Week off...but I will be here working.   While feasting. :)

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An ode to my Dremel Stylus:

Oh handy and super useful Dremel Stylus,
My brother bought you.
For me.
When you first arrived on the scene.
You served me well for 10 years. Then you quit.
I had a hard time finding you again.
No more of you were being made, please explain!
I should have bought many of you back then.
Alas. I did not.
Your replacement got me through these last 6 years
without trouble or...

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