14" Brass Tray

Regular price $30.00

Ikea has a fantastic brass tray available right now!   I plan on stocking these, as a good quality and affordable Brass/ brass colored tray is VERY hard to find. 

Technically this is brass-colored stainless steel...but the coloring and the feel of the tray is just like brass.    Really. 

These trays are really wonderful.  Feel free to purchase from your own IKEA (candle section of the warehouse).  If you don't have one near you, I do!   Yes I have the price marked up from what IKEA sells them for--I can't quite afford to give these away....free shipping from my site and all!  

Overall diameter of 14".  Inner tray space is 12". Very substantial.  

Accepts a laser customization perfectly.

You can use the drop-down box to add customization

-Have Just a Cross Added 

- Have your Names+Date added.  This customization includes the Cross and "Crown them with Glory and Honor"

-The other customization option is to have a monogram added  The computer generated views are shown in Orange.  Next to that are those monograms lasered onto cardboard....and numbered.  Reference those numbers if you like any of the fonts.  Or request a specific font.  Or even, hand draw your own Monogram--and email me a picture of it.  I can laser that for you!