Add a tray Engraving

Regular price $35.00

Most of the trays I have on offer can be laser engraved. This customization will allow for your name + date to be permanently lasered onto the various trays I have on offer.  The plan is to have a couple of set designs from which you may choose. Another option will be to email me a .jpg or .pdf of your own design...and I can laser that onto the tray. 

Right now, I just have 1 official formal design---"Crown them with Glory and Honor"  + Names & Date, all around a St. Olga cross. 

Clearly the design options are nearly limitless here.  There are some periphery boundaries that I have to keep in mind when considering image size....but limiting factor will go away when I can offer to get a different lens for the laser.  So I can't quite do edge-to edge lasered designs right now, I can center up a nice sized 'something' for you. 

Please keep in mind, if we end up doing something more customized that requires a lot of design work and longer lasering time, there may be an additional fee.  Thank you for understanding.